The advantages

"Imagine there were mud pants that my child didn't have to sweat in. Where the rubber doesn't rot. And if the coating does not crumble by the second season at the latest. The world would be a better place.” a friend sighed on a rainy day at the playground.


Yes, imagine that. Rainproof trousers that are robust and breathable, made of natural materials and look good too. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?


And indeed, there are these pants!

They are called Samson pants, are made of leather, completely without plastic, even grow with the child and can be passed on to the next generation without any problems, as they wear out less than conventional mud pants or even jeans and corduroy pants.


Bye bye congestion heat!

Due to the natural properties of the leather, the trousers are both water-repellent and breathable. Of course, only supple leather is used for the Samson pants, after all, the children should enjoy full freedom of movement on their adventures.


It is also sustainable!

The leather for our Samson trousers has come a long way. It comes from a manufacturer in southern Germany who only purchases raw hides from Germany for its production and refines them with classic mineral tanning.


And how to wash?

Leather care is super easy. Airing is enough on less muddy days.

It gets wilder: large lumps of mud are brushed off dry and then wiped off with a damp cloth.