Leather care is simple. Thick mud crusts can be brushed off first, dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth and once a year the pants get "their grease off". Apply a generous amount of leather grease to the outside with a soft cloth, then let dry. Airing is sufficient on all less muddy days.

If the pants get wet, they do not mind. Please do not hang them over the heater or in the sun to dry, this will make them hard and unsightly. After drying, you can knead your Samsons Pants once, then they will be soft and comfortable again.

You should wash your Samson trousers only in the most necessary case. We know such necessities after major mishaps. Mild soap in a bucket of warm water can fix it!
After washing in the bucket, let the Samsons Pants dry slowly, they will survive unscathed. However, we cannot guarantee this for a wash cycle in the washing machine.

If the snaps are harder to close, which can happen if they are sandy, you can put a small drop of cooking oil on them and spread with a cotton swab. They will work properly again.